Correctional Facility

Kenosha County Detention Center

Kenosha, WI – Manhours: 545 – Year Completed: 2022 (Phase I), 2024 (Phase II), Ongoing (Phase III)

PSA has been Testing, Adjusting and Balancing this multi-phase remodel and upgrade of HVAC equipment while fully operational and occupied. Equipment includes : (19) AHU’s and RTU’s, (46) fans, (88) VAV’s and (52) Hydronic Elements.

Local Government

Waukesha Police Department Addition / Renovation

Waukesha, WI – Manhours: 330 – Year Completed: 2022

PSA’s scope of work included Air and Hydronic Balancing during this renovation project. Spaces encompassed new office spaces, indoor parking facility and technology upgrades. Equipment included : (2) RTU’s, (2) MAU’s, (2) ERU’s, (93) VAV’s, (4) FCU’s, (17) Exhaust Fans, (5) Pumps, (88) Reheat Coils and (41) Hydronic Elements.

Federal Government

USDA Dairy Forage Research Center

Madison, WI – Manhours: 275 – Year Completed: 2024

This research facility spans over 1,943 acres with several out buildings. PSA’s scope of work on this project was to perform Hydronic Balancing, Fume Hood & Vibration Testing on the office remodel and updates to laboratory areas, including setting up fume hoods. Equipment included : (100) VAV’s, (16) EVAV’s, (3) Exhaust fans, (2) Pumps, (100) Hydronic Elements.

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