Life Science Laboratory

Millipore Sigma – HPAPI

Madison, WI – Manhours: 670 – Year Completed: 2023

PSA’s scope of work in the 70,000 square foot expansion included highly technical Cascading Pressure set up with extremely tight tolerances. Equipment included : (9) AHU’s, (4) SF’s, (17) VVS’s, (15) CAV’s, (9) Exhaust Fans, (147) HEPA Fan Filters, (124) Pressures, (22) Pumps and (68) Hydronic Elements.


S.C. Johnson, Inc.

Racine, WI, Wind Lake, WI, Mount Pleasant, WI –¬†Manhours: Ongoing – Year Completed: Ongoing

PSA currently performs annual preventive maintenance programs including Airflow Verification on 16 buildings spanning 4 campuses. PSA’s work is related to multiple laboratories, testing chambers, and facilities related to product research and development. Scope includes (140) Laboratory Fume Hoods, (3) AHU’s, (6) EF’s, and a number of misc. exhaust and supply inlets and outlets for various rooms. During SC Johnson’s -Sustainability project PSA led Testing, Adjusting & Balancing efforts for a campus wide Geothermal Energy upgrade and new Central Plant at the Global Headquarters. Air and Hydronic Testing, Adjusting & Balancing was performed throughout 14 buildings and series of confined space geothermal vaults. Equipment included: (3) AHU’s, (3) EF’s, (43) Pumps, (16) Heat Exchangers, (10) Boilers, (90) Coils and Hydronic Elements.

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