Granite Hills Hospital


This 120 bed, privately owned, mental and behavioral health hospital is a prime example of our Total System Balancing. PSA balanced the entire building, from the treatment areas, kitchen, boiler plant, gymnasium and courtroom in this 83,000 square foot facility. We worked with an out of state commissioning agent to ensure a quality product for the owner. Equipment included: (5) RTU’s, (2) MAU’s, (11) exhaust fans, (125) VAV’s, (4) pumps, (125) water elements, (3) boilers, and (1) heat exchanger.


VA Medical Centers

Milwaukee, WI, Madison, WI, Tomah,WI, Iron Mountain, MI – Manhours: Various – YEAR COMPLETED: Ongoing

PSA actively performs Testing, Adjusting & Balancing & Duct Leakage Testing at various locations throughout the State of Wisconsin and Northern Michigan. Projects vary in scope and size, as well as working for various contractors. As you can imagine, combining government work with healthcare can be a real challenge. A challenge that PSA overcomes time and again to become the balancer of choice at these facilities. Equipment included : AHU’s, VAV’s, CUV, Re-Heat Coils, Pumps, Hydronic Circuit Setters, AFMS, Exhaust Fans, Boilers, Chillers

Assisted Living Facility

Cedar Crest RCAC Addition

Janesville, WI – Manhours: 155 – Year Completed: 2023

This large retirement community offers all levels of care form independent living through nursing and memory care. Equipment we Balanced on this project included (30) Booster Coils, (1) FCU, (1) Exhaust Fan, (1) DOAS unit, (2) Boilers, and (2) Pumps.


Marquette Replacement Hospital

Marquette, MI – Manhours: 3,720 – Year Completed: 2019

This level 2 trauma center, with 222 beds, encompasses 525,000 square feet across its 8 stories. This was a multi-year project for PSA, requiring extensive planning and coordinating with multiple trades and multiple disciplines. Air & Hydronic Balancing performed in patient rooms, operating room and infectious isolation rooms, all which required specific room pressurization. Equipment included: (21) AHU’s, (41) FCU’s, (45) Fans, (36) Pumps, (879) Hydronic Elements and (4) CRAC Units.

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